Akyol offers a wide range of devices for medical and medical equipment in the category of medical examination systems. Purchasing and renting of medical devices, especially used in urological treatments, is a service offered by the company. After the rental service, additional service is offered for the modification and repair of all medical devices. As a Akyol medical company, it offers the opportunity to supply second-hand and new products, Holmium laser sales, technical service and spare parts.

Akyol has a staff that has been in the medical sector for 11 years and brings quality service to physicians. With its experience, it also offers maintenance and repair services for the devices it sells and rents. Medical consumables are supplied and sold flawlessly through the company that offers spare parts service when deemed necessary. More attractive product prices are offered within the scope of the affordable policy for the supply of inspection systems in serious surgery processes.

This is the source of the important role in the adoption of second-hand sales in medical product systems. With our expert staff, you can contact us through communication channels in case of any problem you may experience in the service we provide. Akyol Medical provides you to benefit from medical device products at a lower cost in the Ankara region. Inspection systems offered are in the product category; Holmium Laser, Plasma Kinetic, Optical Lens, Urological Stone Breaking Equipment, Working Elements, Rigid-Flexible Urs, Storz Tower, Resectoscopy sets, Operating table products are put into service with a guarantee of modification and repair.