Akyol Medikal, which has been serving in the healthcare sector for a long time, provides services in the fields of operating room and intensive care installations, which it offers in both quality and flawless manner. Combining the latest developments in global technology with domestic production, Akyol Medikal provides the most professional services in the field of installation. It offers customer satisfaction with the highest quality and the most efficient, dynamic and active organizational structure in terms of optionally producing, implementing and implementing solutions within the installation area. In this sense, Akyol Medikal company follows technological developments in an up-to-date manner and provides software and hardware services in the healthcare sector. The projects are integrated with equipment and sensitive technological devices. In this way, if the needs and expectations are met, it improves itself better and is among the few companies that provide such services not only in our country but also in the world.

Akyol Medikal carries out all installation and maintenance works in healthcare institutions with its expert personnel, using technical equipment and sensitive technological devices, and provides the construction processes of areas such as operating rooms and intensive care. While providing services, ensuring ease of use based on customer satisfaction can be of great importance for our company. In this sense, institutional, equipment support and after-sales support can be provided in the project through joint work with hospitals for operating room and intensive care installation services.

Akyol Medikal, which has been providing services in this field for a long time and has undertaken many projects, can actively provide technical support in the field of operating room and intensive care installations on a turnkey basis. The hospitals that cooperate with our company, Akyol Medikal, carry out renovations in the rooms and areas they have determined, in accordance with the standards in accordance with the ministry. In this way, it is aimed to be tested and delivered to the end user ready for use. You can also contact our company, Akyol Medikal, located in the Ankara region, for all your procedures related to operating room and intensive care installations.