KBB Ünit

ENT unit therapy is the name given to the devices and equipment used in examinations, especially belonging to the field of audiology. It consists of different units and seats. It is mobile and has an aspirator. It takes up less space and offers high performance. It is specially produced and used not only by hospitals or examinations, but also by polyclinics. There is a special lamp area in the system. Thanks to its illuminated system, there is a special mode that has the feature of constantly on and off in the area used. It can be operated continuously thanks to the cold light mode. It has the ability to self-sterilize every 15 minutes. In this aspect, the killing effect of microbes has also been demonstrated. It can work automatically for 15 minutes without shutting down with a single button. The device can turn itself off when desired. The purchase of the device can be provided through our company located in the Ankara region.

There are all kinds of practical equipment that can be used during the technical examination in the ENT unit device. Areas with sensors, compressed air systems, led lighting, anti feature and can be integrated. All accessories are completed with the endoscope sterilizer. All the needs that may occur during the examination to be performed by ENT physicians can be provided in a short time through a single device.

The device is produced in different sizes and weights. Its production varies accordingly. It contains the aspirator pump complex or the main aspiration bottle. The KKB Unit device enables physicians to access all instruments at a single point during the examination. The equipment supports physicians to focus on the examination more successfully. It is sold through Akyol medical company as an auxiliary device especially in surgical interventions.