Plasma kinetic procedure is more commonly known as closed surgery. It is a painless and painless procedure. Especially in patients suffering from prostate disease, the problematic structure is cleaned by evaporation. First of all, after the examination of the tissue that is present in the person during the surgery and that needs to be treated, the treatment process is started. In the preliminary diagnosis process, the pathological data is evaluated and the surgical process is started. It has recently taken its place among the best methods used in the treatment of benign prostate enlargements. As soon as the person begins to experience prostate enlargement discomfort, he may want to benefit from surgical methods during the treatment process. In these methods, plasma kinetic therapy, which can be considered as a closed technique, is frequently applied.

90% of surgical treatments are applied with this technique. The risk of bleeding after the treatment process is very low. This aspect is also preferred. The sick person is discharged from the hospital in about 2 days after the treatment process is completed and can return to his normal life. It does not create an effect that may harm the person in any way during the procedures. After the operation process is over, it is seen that the complaints decrease in those who have urinary incontinence problems.

It can be applied to prostates of all sizes. It can be easily applied in heart and lung diseases. It can be technically integrated with the latest technology. You can contact Akyol medical company for the purchase of plasma kinetic device. We provide a service where you can get help by contacting after the purchase process with a guaranteed device purchase process in order to use it in the surgical operations of the clinic, examination or hospital you operate. You can reach us from Ankara region via WhatsApp communication line.