Hospital management consultancy service is provided by Akyol Medikal in order to provide information on the planning and operation of management in healthcare institutions or organizations all over the world. As the social order develops day by day, healthcare services may face various problems due to increasing costs and decreasing profit margins in terms of demands for healthcare services that are both effective and safe. As Akyol Medikal, we can offer services that are customized and make a difference for all your needs in the hospital with our expert staff who are knowledgeable in their field within the healthcare sector.

As hospital installation consultancy, we determine the methods that are systematically followed by increasing your income and reducing your costs in accordance with your needs, within the goals we have given you.

Hospital establishment consultancy can be involved in many processes such as financial planning and legal licensing processes, creation of business processes and personnel recruitment. After the opening of the hospital, many different factors such as site selection, operation management and appropriate architectural designs, medical device procurement and personnel selection within all the installation processes can be of great importance in the successful operation of the hospital. For this reason, working with expert teams in hospital installations can prevent loss of time and money. If we look at the processes we have managed in the Ankara region as Akyol Medikal;

  • Management of construction projects,
  • Good design of hospital processes,
  • Investment financial planning and budget formation,
  • Evaluation of threats and possible opportunities,
  • Choice of hospital location,
  • Analyzing financial processes,
  • Designing medical processes,
  • Organizing the architectural design of the hospital,
  • Thorough analysis of the health needs of the region where the hospital will be established,
  • Medical device purchases and installation consultancy of these devices,
  • All operational processes can be designed correctly

All the processes above can be of great importance in terms of hospital installation consultancy. You can contact our company Akyol Medikal for your needs in this regard.