Optical lens is a lens placed in the cornea area of ​​the eye in order to correct the eye defect and to offer an alternative product to the eye. Contact lenses, which can be evaluated in the prosthesis category, have a structure that can be used for cosmetic and treatment purposes. The lenses used to minimize the visual defect are generally preferred as transparent nowadays. For those who have farsightedness or have problems with near vision, clear lenses minimize the vision defect. Optical lens, which will be eliminated from using glasses, creates an alternative for those who have color blindness. It can also be used in military or police exams.

Each lens model is produced in a different structure. It differs in color, protection and usage purpose. Hydrogen lenses, which take their place in the contact lens group that offers a very thin structure, increase comfort and perfect the clarity of vision.

This lens, which is placed on the cornea layer of the eye, minimizes the visual defect. Before use, a special examination should be made and it should be purchased with a prescription. Within a few days of adaptation, watering, tenderness and redness may be noticed in the eye area. When these temporary symptoms persist, a doctor should be consulted. There are different types of lenses that vary in softness or hardness. Each serves a different purpose.

Hard contact lenses are applied for people with high and irregular astigmatism. Although colored lenses are considered as accessories, there are also advanced colored lenses that can understand visual impairment. Hard contact lenses with less problems in the cornea layer of the eye are recommended for people with high astigmatism and keratoconus findings. Akyol medical company offers optical lens models in different sizes that serve the purpose. You can reach us from the Ankara region and on our website by using our communication line.