We offer you the supply of all kinds of second-hand devices you need in the medical field in a short time. We offer a wide range of products for the treatment of practical devices and optical lenses, especially used in operating rooms. Within the scope of examination systems, you can request different product options such as a ureteroscope, nephroscope, radiant heater, storm tower, resectoscopy sets, cautery, Blast Shield, operating table, gynecological table, two of which are offered by Akyol medical company, by calling our mobile phone number.

Plasma Kinetic obstetrics device product is offered to you with the warranty of Akyol medical, whatsapp support line for second-hand device supply service. Apart from the rental service of the products sold with guarantee, spare parts are also sold. You can contact us from Ankara region for renovation and repair service.

There are some points to consider when purchasing second-hand medical device supply. In particular, they allow the device to be purchased more conveniently and economically. It makes it more profitable to deal with companies. In some cases, using a second-hand medical device instead of buying a new device also provides an economic gain in terms of putting the product into service again.

Devices that are too old may run the risk of not being able to find spare parts. This should be taken into account. Particular attention should be paid to the warranty periods offered by the companies. Akyol medical company ensures that the old device is repaired and used instead of buying a new device economically at affordable prices. This makes it easier to procure the product at a more affordable price. This technique can be used for medical devices to be used in the hospital or at home. You can contact Akyol medical company for the supply of all kinds of second-hand devices. You can have more precise information on the subject.