Storz Kule

The Storz tower, which is offered within the scope of endoscopic imaging service, offers superior performance with its high resolution technology. The infrastructure used in image processing comes together with high-quality display technology and provides a different innovation that can keep up with the latest technology. From a modular point of view, a system that can keep up with all requirements has been adopted in the design. This supports making the treatment process more efficient in the disease process. It takes an easier and more dynamic view with the homogeneous lighting systems used in surgical treatments. In the use of the device, the color tone, change and texture can be differentiated in detail. This provides the opportunity for a dynamic and effective approach in the surgical intervention process.

It promises a higher level of quality than Endoscopy or Flexible endoscopy products. The led light area combines with the led monitor area, offering a mobile solution opportunity in the area where the information is dumped. The intense lighting area combines with the LED light panel, creating a modern and useful image. For the Storz Tower product, which is offered with high performance quality, Akyol medical can contact our company. You can purchase products using the active communication line. Detailed information on the subject will be provided to you as soon as we are contacted.

It contains certain accessories in the endoscopic imaging system used in surgical operations. All parts functionally provide the comfort of the surgeon who will perform the operation during the treatment process. You can reach us from the Ankara region and on the site for maintenance and repair service of the device, which is offered with a wide-angle quality monitor area, camera control unit, camera headband, telescope, cold light source, documentation and archiving area, fiber optic light cable component, after the purchase process. .