The cautery process is also called “Electrocautery”. It is a device that supports cutting and joining the tissue by burning the tissue during surgery. It can be used in two different ways, monopolar and bipolar. Thanks to a special design, it supports one-way cutting in a short time without blood. It has a pen-like tip. It is an electrical device. Thanks to the cauterization on the device, it provides the opportunity to stop the bleeding that occurs locally. Especially thanks to its non-marking structure, it increases its preference.

Electrocauteries are used to burn the warts formed on the skin structure of the body. It is very unlikely that traces will remain in the applications. It is often used in surgical operations. It makes the processes easier to continue. If the plate that needs to be applied unconsciously is placed incorrectly on the area, burn formation may occur. When applying the cautery technique, there is no burn or scarring feature when all stages are performed in a regular way and professional intervention is applied.

The high heat obtained with the cautery device means that the injured cell is killed and cauterized and the area is cleaned by heat. Local or general anesthesia can be applied when needed. Although the patient does not experience any pain during the procedures, he may feel a small stinging sensation. Cauter is generally used to clean warts in areas such as anus, penis and vulva. The weight of the procedure to be performed during the treatment may vary from person to person. Therefore, a painful process may be encountered. For this reason, local anesthesia technique can usually be used by applying injection. General anesthesia can be preferred according to the size and number of warts. You can visit Akyol medical site to purchase a cautery device that offers effective solutions in a short time. You can choose the right device for our clinic, which is located in the Ankara region, for the rental or purchase process for the treatment process.