The forceps device is a tool used to hold tissues in operating rooms. With its strong structure and scissor-like position, it is used especially in difficult deliveries. Forceps, which have been included in our lives since the 17th century, have been made more functional and useful until today. Forceps device is used to make some deliveries easier. It makes it easier for the baby to be pulled out of the mother's womb. Among the forceps types, apart from the classical ones, there are also mutant types with English locks with cephalic or pelvic disposition. The more prototypical ones are Simpson's Forceps. In modern usage, it is possible to use different names such as Barton, Piper, Kielland.

The use of forceps is usually a special device designed to intervene in the birth canal of the fetus during very difficult delivery. If the physician deems it necessary during birth, he or she applies this method. Birth occurs faster. The risk to the baby at birth is further reduced. Thanks to this device, it has been noticed that the irregularity of the baby's heartbeat is eliminated.

When it first appeared, it was more in the form of a flat gripper. A spoon position that can grasp the baby's head is given by curving the arm parts.

This technique, which should be applied by maternity surgeons in operating rooms; It can be used in cases such as the mother's inability to push, having a heart disease, a heart rhythm disorder in the baby. For the most accurate and reliable sales process, you can purchase medical devices with the difference of Akyol medical company. You can contact us after the purchase for the maintenance, repair and repair of the devices needed during birth in Ankara region.