Repair and maintenance operations can be described as two very important terms in asset management. These terms can cover not only medical devices, but also all devices and equipment that have a very long lifespan in our lives. Generally speaking, it is possible to say that the purposes of both repair and maintenance operations are the same. The main purpose here is to obtain the most beneficial life from the devices used.

With the development of technology in medical devices, the number of electronic devices in the hospital has started to increase. Today, the existence of living products that need technical service can become very important in hospitals within medical units.

Duties in biomedical departments within the hospital may also be defined incorrectly. It is thought that some hospitals have the authority to repair and acquire biomedical products and medical devices. In some cases, when biomedical units are sent to the manufacturer, the devices may have to be repaired with the available resources due to the high cost.

Medical devices produced today have a very complex structure and development in terms of both security and sensitivity.

Microprocessors, which are generally used in all devices, are a separate branch of expertise in maintenance or repair situations within systems that understand the technology and include all elements. Maintenance and repair situations, which can be provided with special devices by people who have received training and specialized in this field, can also help to increase the quality of the outputs and extend the lifespan.

As Akyol Medikal company located in Ankara, we aim to provide the best service with our expert technical staff in order to provide you with the most effective medical device maintenance and repair services. We provide ongoing maintenance and repair agreements for all hospital systems for certain periods of time. In this way, the aim is to ensure that your medical devices last longer with a special maintenance service.