Lumenis Pulse 30H

Lumenis Pulse 30H laser breakthrough holmium device was created as an average power device thanks to its high performance and superior shredding power. Holmium laser source has an advanced design with specific wavelength, energy level per pulse and repetition rate. The production of today's technology in appropriate sizes enables all kinds of stones of different sizes to be easily removed from the region with the laser system. It has a repeat rate of up to 25 Hz. The energy share per breakthrough is at the best level compared to the classical design. The rate of stone fragmentation increases the speed of the treatment process by decreasing the retropulsion. The Lumenis Pulse 30H device is mainly used in urology surgeries, neck and head surgery, general surgery treatments, gynecological surgical procedures or gastroenterological surgical interventions.

The features of the Lumenis Pulse 30H device enable to manage the operation process from the graphical areas of the portable interface used in the exterior design. It offers the user a more portable usage opportunity with its 7 inch high resolution screen quality and colorful graphic area. It can be used easily on the desktop or on the tower, which is easy to carry. It has 5 different setting options in its advanced design. Unlike conventional devices, it is designed to be compatible with the fiber system. This makes it easier to be more durable and to increase the level of energy beat during the applied treatment. In addition, the cost is more affordable than other equivalents in the market. It has functions that can be easily used in more than 80 different surgical treatments such as open and closed urological surgical operations, evaporation, incision and coagulation problems in the bladder, urinary tract treatment, ureteral stenosis and so on. In order to purchase the device, Akyol medical company, which actively offers professional medical activities in Ankara, can be contacted.