Radiant Heater

Radiant heater is a heater model used in medicine as a technical definition. It provides heating of objects instead of air by means of infrared rays. The heat is absorbed in a short time and provides transmission to the surface area. The aim here is to transfer electromagnetic radiation waves. It supports the reflection of heat such as light reflection. When it reaches the required area over time, it refracts and becomes polarized. As soon as it comes together with an absorbent material, it starts to generate heat and its spread is provided by the device in the same way.

Radiant heater usage area used in the medical field is generally used for newborn babies. It is preferred for babies who are taken to the tub to give the mother's warmth. There is a medically homogeneous heating system. This also supports the development of the baby. With the help of a natural heat source, it ensures that the baby's environment is easily heated in a sterile way. In this way, by placing it on the skin area, the ambient temperature can be adjusted in a short time via microprocessors. It is frequently used in neonatal intensive care units of hospitals.

It contains additional accessories besides the radiant heater. The drawer area is used with skin problem integration, baby scale, examination light and oxygen tube. Each accessory may differ according to its intended use. Radiant heater product can be purchased in a short time with the difference of Akyol medical. You can contact us to take advantage of the affordable purchasing process. Radiant warmer is generally used in expectant mothers who gave birth prematurely. Heat group application is provided every 6 hours at an advanced level every 12 hours. For the general mode of the skin, the procedure is applied in a controlled manner from the Ankara region, with a sensitivity that will not damage the tissues.