Gynecological Table

The gynecological table is a table where the operation is performed in all kinds of medical interventions on obstetrics and gynecology. It is a multi-purpose table type that will support the professional management of the process, regardless of whether the surgical intervention to be performed on the patient is small or large. It is mechanical and has a motorized working part.

It is also known as the birth table among the people. It is used during pregnancy, during pregnancy, in the detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

It makes it easier to intervene in all kinds of diseases related to the reproductive system of women. The feature of the gynecological table facilitates intervention in gynecological and urological examinations. It is quite easy to use. It is ergonomic. It has a waterproof structure. Optionally, the flooring on it offers an antibacterial structure. It exhibits a quiet working performance for the movement of the patient. It has a mechanical engine system. It has an automatic mobile foot control pedal that can be easily controlled. It offers a waterproof feature against the liquid that may come from outside. This is also supported by the stainless body structure.

There is a special safety and braking system to support fixing the table to its place. It can be produced in different color options. With the difference of Akyol medical company, you can start the affordable shopping process in the purchase of medical devices. We deliver the gynecological table you need in and around Ankara in a short time and support you as soon as you contact us.