Holmium laser therapy is a device used especially in prostate surgery procedures. The fact that it has a laser allows to solve the problem that occurs at the point where prostate enlargement is experienced locally. It has a feature that is performed with closed surgical systems. The prostate tissue is divided into the smallest pieces by laser and these are sent to the bladder area by passing them into the capsules. Thanks to a tool called a morcellator, the tissues are broken down and sent out of the body. Being very experienced in the process enables to perform this surgery.

Holmium laser is the number one device of the products used in endoscopic and laparoscopic methods. It reduces the stones formed in the kidney and urinary tract and provides health in a short time. It supports the elimination of the problem that occurs in the urinary tract or can be seen in the bladder. You can contact us at any time from the service offered in the Ankara region by calling us via our contact numbers.

These devices, which are produced with the latest technology, offer a special technology that enables the stones in the kidney area or urinary tract to be broken in a short time. Thanks to this laser wave, it is presented smoothly and harmlessly. Stone removal of the problem area is positive at the level of 95%. It offers great comfort in the comfort of the patient. After the operation, the person can get up and go home in a short time. In some cases, a single-session treatment is effective. You can get detailed information about Holmium laser products, which bring a new perspective to the treatment techniques applied using the laser method, through Akyol medical company. By contacting the company officials, more detailed information can be obtained on the subject and the purchasing process can be started.