Holmium laser is a type of laser used in the medical field. This laser is produced using a Holmium element. Holmium laser creates a laser beam by passing the energy from a light source through the Holmium crystal. This laser beam is directed to the target area with high energy and focus.

Working Principle of Holmium Laser

Holmium laser is widely used, especially in lithotripsy procedures. The laser beam focuses on the target area with high energy to break down the stones. Holmium laser breaks down the stones by evaporating the water molecules inside the stones. This method is a minimally invasive procedure and accelerates the healing process of patients.

Another important area of use of the Holmium laser is prostate treatment. Holmium laser effectively cuts prostate tissue and thus provides an effective method of treating prostate problems. This procedure allows patients to recover comfortably as it is a minimally invasive treatment.

Medical Applications of Holmium Laser

Holmium laser has a wide range of uses in many medical fields. Apart from lithotripsy and prostate treatment, Holmium laser is also used in the following applications:

  • Cardiology: Holmium laser is used to open heart vessels and remove blockages.
  • Eye surgery: Holmium laser is used in cataract surgeries and eye treatments.
  • Dermatology: Holmium laser is an effective method in the treatment of skin problems.
  • Urology: Holmium laser is used in the treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract problems.

Advantages of Holmium Laser

Holmium laser has many advantages. Here are some advantages of Holmium laser:

  • Minimally invasive: Since Holmium laser is a minimally invasive procedure, patients' recovery process is faster and the risk of complications is lower.
  • Targeted treatment: The Holmium laser affects the target area using a focused beam. In this way, the risk of damage to surrounding tissues is reduced.
  • Versatile use: Holmium laser can be used in many different medical fields. This shows that this laser technology is a versatile treatment option.

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Holmium laser is an important laser technology in the medical field. It is used effectively in many medical applications such as lithotripsy and prostate treatment. Holmium laser technology is reliably provided by Akyol Medikal in Ankara. The advantages and success stories of the Holmium laser show how valuable this technology is in the medical field.