Operating table

The operating table is a special compartment that is frequently used in the operating rooms and used during the treatment process of the patient. The height can be adjusted according to the comfort of the patient. Especially the back part can be brought to the desired position. It has the feature of sliding during operation up to a certain point when requested. This supports more comfortable use of imaging systems. Many operating tables are sold with additional accessories. The most important feature of the table is that it contains materials away from electrical systems. When it is fully charged for 2.5 hours, it offers 30 full movements and 9 hours of use. There are controls on it to support electronic movements in certain areas.

The use of the operating table has a flexible medical use. Operating tables are produced with different designs to perform many operations such as general surgery, orthopedics, urology, eye, brain, gynecology, ENT, cardiology. It is passed through a design process in accordance with each operation. The hand control aid can be controlled in a short time thanks to the points on the head and feet.

The distance to the ground area is provided professionally. It supports the ability to use it actively and mobile without the need for fixing. You can contact Akyol Medical for comfortable, professional, functional and durable operating tables that can be easily used by all kinds of specialists in the field. We are pleased to provide you with the sale of both practical and quality products that can be easily used in the best hospitals in the shortest time possible from the Ankara region.