Resectoscopy Sets

Resectoscopy sets are a device with additional accessories used in the surgical field, especially in the field of urology. There is a high quality, convenient and affordable price formable double sheath system. In rezzacoscopy sets; It is used with adult, bipolar, mini, slim, HD telescope, laser, passive and active working elements. It offers design efficiency with standard blind area or different views. Resectoscope sheaths are evaluated by making different combinations in order to increase the field of vision in the fluid flow, especially in surgical operations with a serious degree of risk. It can be used for years with its high quality production and non-rusting structure. It is quite ergonomic and durable. It is effortless and easy to use, and promises a more comfortable and flexible use process in terms of surgery.

Resectoscopy sets are in constant flow with monopolar and bipolar energy. In pathological cases, it supports further shortening the duration of surgical procedures and completing the process without risk. It provides the transition between two different wires thanks to the high-frequency electricity it emits in prostate cases. Thanks to the camera on the product, prostate tissue can be viewed and followed in high resolution on the video screen through Resectoscopy.

Area of ​​use of resectoscopy device It provides cleaning of uterus, bladder, urethane, prostate tissue from the area. In the meantime, with the help of the device used, it is also supported to reduce the traumas that may occur during the surgery. In this way, the recovery time of the person is accelerated even more. Resectoscopy sets, which are among the popular devices frequently used in operating rooms, are delivered to the desired region from Ankara service area, by creating an order through our Akyol medical company in a short time.