The definition of nephroscope is called kidney imaging optical device in medical language. It is often used in surgical procedures. Thanks to the device transmitted to the kidney canal, the regional inflammation that has occurred in a short time is cleared. Kidney stones in the area can also be noticed while this procedure is being applied. With this device, it is easier and more professional to clean the locally formed blood clot. It is a fairly small and minimal tool. It has a thin tube part. It is placed in the tissue area by making an incision from a certain area of ​​the body. After the fragmentation process for the target area is completed, it is pulled inward from the canal area.

It enables removal of small-sized tumors, removal of a stent placed in the body, removal of the cyst formed in the kidney, and removal of kidney stones or fragments from the area in a controlled manner. It also supports the removal of regional blockages. The nephroscope device can be sold as a set. There are different models, including pediatric and adult. The thickness and dimensions of each can be different from each other. The design suitable for the created radius is preferred. Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it performs a rotation angle of 45 to 90 degrees. You can choose Akyol medical company for purchasing Nephroscope device at affordable prices.

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