Urological stone crushing equipments are devices that support the breaking of the stone formed in the body, especially in the kidney area, which has grown up to 6 millimeters and damages the tissue. Each of them can be produced in different sizes. The most important feature of the devices is that they can treat the patient in a short time without damaging the tissues thanks to the shock wave. It can be used safely not only in adult patients, but also in children or babies. There is a method of shock therapy. The size and hardness of the stone is of great importance in determining these sessions. As Akyol medical company, we offer you ultrasonic stone crusher, pneumatic stone crusher, shock waves and ESWT erection and physical therapy device. You can reach our company in purchasing transactions and provide the product purchase process in a short time through our active telephone line.

It consists of equipment that will support the removal of obstruction in the urinary tract, in the kidney area, which is used to make the difficult situations of daily life easier. Thanks to the light waves, the mini shock wave is restored to its former health in a short time by purifying the ureter, kidney stones or peyronie formation from the bladder area without damaging the area with the boat. After the procedure, which is completed in approximately 30 minutes, the person can regain his old health and return to his working life.

Devices developed with laser technique become easier and painless thanks to Akyol Medical's original urological stone breaking equipment. Generally, the applied treatment is presented to the body with a certain severity range. The important thing is to feel the presence of the kidney stone formed here and to detect the area locally with the help of ultrasound devices. Then, the method to be used can be determined and the equipment integrated with the latest technology can be used. In order to have more detailed information about the purchasing processes of urological stone crushing equipment offered by Akyol medical company, you can contact the WhatsApp communication line in the Ankara region.