As Akyol Medikal, we are among the few companies that offer services of second-hand medical devices. Second Hand Device Procurement is possible as it helps to reduce the costs during any surgery process. In addition to the repair or maintenance of many different medical devices offered by our company, we can also supply second-hand or new devices.

There are medical devices that are used by doctors in the medical field and are rented as well as purchased. Especially for rare types of surgeries, a large amount of financial savings can be achieved by using these rental techniques. Apart from this, rental activities can become much more advantageous for doctors who will provide applications, as the devices benefit from renewable technologies. Apart from this, renting may be a more logical choice as these devices are regularly maintained and repaired several times a year. Holmium laser, urology lithotripsy equipment or working element devices, especially for treatments such as Optical Lens used in operating rooms, can be rented and purchased at affordable prices from our Akyol Medikal company serving in the Ankara region.

Within the medical field, second-hand device supply services are included as a process in which both repair and maintenance services are provided by Akyol Medikal company. Customer services can provide active service for any problems that arise after the product rental process is completed. In addition, gynecological device products, which are one of the medical machines, can also be included as one of the second-hand device supply processes. Thanks to these procurement processes, which help save a large amount of time, a lot of profit can be made and it can also be more economical.

When procuring second-hand devices, one of the first things to consider may be certification processes. In the case of purchasing transactions, if any product comes from abroad, very high amounts may be paid due to expenses such as exchange rates and customs.