Ellik Evagators

Ellik is a kind of specially made glove that is used as a protector and is generally used as a word meaning to prevent damage to the finger and hand while mowing. In the medical sense, the definition of Ellik Evagator is a device used to separate the stone pieces in the kidney, the tissues stuck in the bladder and the remaining pieces of the prostate from the body. It is produced from an original glass material. It is usually supported by a rubber mechanism. It has been replaced with a transparent plastic material instead of the rubber area, as it is suitable for destruction. You can contact our organization, which is actively serving in the Ankara region, to obtain the device.

Ellik Evagator, which will be used medically in surgeries, should be performed by experienced urologists who have experience in this field. The use of the device takes place flawlessly in seconds, it is effortless. It is used extensively in the field of medicine, as it can be directed to the problem area in a practical way and can be easily integrated. The Ellik Evagator benefit provides a more comfortable maneuver while the problem area is being treated. With this aspect, it has a more flexible design. It is produced with design side accessories. It can be produced in different models with the feature of middle wall rubber, tube, metal rubber or glass reservoir. Models vary according to the area to be applied.

It is produced in different models as well as having a disposable structure. It plays the role of evacuator especially in the bladder area. It can also be used during the bladder biopsy procedure. Although the usage area is quite wide, service should be provided by professionals in this field. Akyol offers Ellik Evagator models to medical institutions and organizations at affordable prices in the market.