The Kuvez device is a device that is frequently used in operating rooms, especially in delivery rooms. It refers to an area where special care is taken so that the baby can continue its vital activities due to premature birth. It is in this area that full care is provided for preterm babies, which are usually called premature in the medical language, in order to protect them against infections and diseases that may come from outside. The baby placed in the incubator benefits from the temperatures of the oxygen in the area. This, along with the first birth of the child, supports the body temperature and the ability to take the necessary oxygen. The procedure is generally used in infants who have not completed their body development developmentally. At 36 or 37 weeks, removal from the incubator takes place under the control of a doctor. It can be used for babies 5 or 6 months old. A baby at 35 and 38 weeks does not need incubator care. Incubator care may be required for babies born under 35 weeks of age.

Among the incubators that can be purchased in the Ankara region, the incubator, which is divided into two different groups as fixed or transport, can be preferred. Fixed incubators are devices that cannot be moved to another place or taken to a different area. Necessary equipment is located next to the incubator. Incubators are passed through a special filter by design. It offers sound insulation in design. It is transparent and sterile. It has electrical equipment. It is mostly used in risky pregnancies, in children with respiratory problems, in the treatment and follow-up of infants at risk of infection, in infants whose lung region has not yet formed, in those who are deprived of oxygen at birth, in those with a risk of jaundice, in the follow-up of babies with advanced age or very young mothers.

Kuvas departments consist of 4 different sections as protection, care, monitoring and treatment, respectively. First of all, it is divided into two different groups as fixed and transport. A newborn baby is protected from external factors in a protection incubator. In the maintenance part, their development is fully ensured. Vital functions are given importance in the monitoring incubator. Especially when there is any problem with heartbeat or breathing, medical devices can be intervened. Finally, in order to receive oxygen support in the treatment and to treat jaundice, the treatment technique with LED light can be used. Akyol Medical offers you the most accurate and reliable model suitable for your needs at affordable prices.