Flexible Üreteroskop

Flexible Ureteroscope treatment is a technical device that is frequently used in the treatment of kidney stones. Its flexibility in design makes it easy to detect the problem in the urinary tract and to take a snapshot. This flexible structure, which is sent up to a certain area through the device, enables the problem to be determined by projecting it onto the screen. The fact that it usually has a bendable system has not been able to be used in Turkey for years. It provides a structure that will enable the stones in the kidney to be broken with different techniques. The important thing is to enable the body to perform the operation successfully without damaging its structure, away from open wounds. After the stones formed in the kidney area are detected, they are crushed into powder by laser.

There is a 230 micron thick laser wire on the ureteroscopy. This device, which is delivered to the kidney area, provides direct contact with the stone. It supports to become small particles in a short time. It is a technique that has been used for years, even in the most severe diseases. When it is desired to access the devices, buy or rent them at affordable prices, products can be purchased in a short time through Akyol Medical. You can get detailed information on the subject by contacting us.

When the Flexible Ureteroscope technique was examined, it was noticed that it showed a superior success than other classical techniques. It was noticed that it increased the success coefficient, especially by reducing the session duration even more. It supports not only in the treatment of kidney stones, but also in cleaning the ureters formed in the urinary tract or making a rapid diagnosis in cases with suspected tumor. It is both a common and successful technique. Considering its advantages, it prevents tissue loss in the kidney. It also prevents non-stop and prolonged bleeding. When patients complete the treatment process, they are discharged in a short time and can return to their daily life. The problem experienced in both kidney areas at the same time is resolved in a short time. You can reach all these services from Ankara region and its surroundings.