Holmium Lazer Fiber

The Holmium laser device is a device with different models up to 100 Watt, especially for surgeries in the field of urology. Its special structure, which can be adjusted, also allows to choose the pulse durations as desired. There is a fragmentation systematic up to a certain beam level. The process can be directed in a controlled manner. Thanks to the adjustable pulse duration, it supports a more effective approach to the tissues. The wheel space allows for easy sliding regardless of the floor. Colored bar areas can be easily examined in the graphic area on the device. It has a control console that can be rotated up to a certain angle.

The holmium laser feature can be used with different pulsed modes in its working principle. It allows the hard tissue or stone in the body to be broken into crumbs in a short time. Thanks to its water absorption feature, it can be used reliably even in aqueous solutions. It acts with different working principle. It has modes such as ablation, dusting and coagulation. It provides excellent results with its superior impact power, even in hard stones that may cause difficulties in the treatment process. It is produced in different brands and models. It has a structure that can be used in clinics and hospitals.

Thanks to its high-powered Holmium laser fiber tips, it is used in kidney stone removal surgery, bladder tumor removal, and ureteral stenosis treatment. The connector area can be further customized on request. It can be easily used in medical laser treatment, in treatment techniques that can be applied with infrared rays, in kidney stone surgery or in Urinary Lithotripsy applications. With the difference of Akyol medical company, you can buy Holmium laser fiber product in different brands and models according to your request. You can contact us from the Ankara region, and you can get detailed information about the product you request by contacting the communication line on the site.