Holmium Blast Shield

The Holmium Blast Shield device can be used in open and closed prostate surgeries, in ureter treatment in harmony with the holmium laser fiber device. The device, which can be produced in different sizes, is packaged in a sterile manner with the difference of Akyol medical company and carefully delivered to the requested point. The rounded tip structure of the device, which has smart designs in accordance with today's technology, allows easy repair on the working channel while using the scope. It is also preferred because of its high energy transmission, durable end performance, adaptability to fiber infrastructure and affordable price.

Holmium Blast Shield, which is a shield in Turkish, acts as a shield to prevent optical damage caused by the effect of the laser. It is a portable product that prevents the energy from overflowing over the coating area layer. It prevents large-scale thermal damage to be prevented during use. It plays a protective role in order to prevent damage to the fiber area and to prevent the laser energy from reaching different points by exceeding the outer layer.

It is important that the Holmium Blast Shield device can work in harmony with other product parts. During the production phase, care is taken to ensure that the lens design on it is unidirectional. It is important that it can be easily fixed to the designated device and can move in harmony with the existing device. The Holmium Blast Shield device is designed to be used in hospitals, private clinics and urology surgeries in examinations. It can work in harmony with Holmium laser device. You can purchase the medical device used in this field by contacting our company, which actively operates in Ankara.