Lumenis Pulse 100H

The Lumenis Pulse 100H device is an advanced stone-breaking mobile device. It offers the feature of turning the stone into powder with the rate of fire in the area it is in. It also eliminates the desired need to collect the stone back after it has been broken into pieces. This will further speed up the treatment process. It is durable and can be used for many years. Thanks to its multiple breakthrough feature, it can be quickly adjusted to the desired setting. It is a groundbreaking method in laser treatment techniques. When used in combination with accessories, it becomes possible to get better efficiency from the applied operation. Lumenis Pulse 100H device, which provides high efficiency in ureteral surgeries, can be purchased through Akyol medical company, which provides medical product sales in Ankara.

In the medical world, better success has been achieved than the techniques applied in classical holmium laser treatment. In this sense, it is preferred by urologists as it can give good results in clinical cases. It has higher advantages in terms of cost and regional security. It is very practical to understand, install and use this device, which has been adapted with a system close to today's technology. Lumenis Pulse 100H device can be used easily in benign prostate enlargement treatments. It is also preferred in external inoculation and vaporization applications. It provides powerful solutions thanks to the system it uses in laser ureteroscopy applications. The most important point in being appreciated beyond the standards is that it offers the most accurate and efficient holmium solution graphic. Thanks to the existing power, the side-firing fiber feature further increases the direct contact to the tissue area locally. Thanks to the specially created foot pedal, it can be used more functionally.