Lumenis VersaPulse P20H

Lumenis VersaPulse P20H device is a device with a technical component that is preferred in urology surgeries and soft tissue applications used in the treatment of kidney stone crushing. The usage area is quite wide. It is used in general surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT and gastroenterology treatment. It enables the stones of different sizes and in the region to be separated from the texture and made into flour.
The biggest functionality of the device is that it can be used in harmony with different equipment. Its ideal design in compact structure ensures high efficiency even in small operations. It can be automatically guided from the graphic display area. The treatment process also facilitates case analysis and case registration.
The feature of the Lumenis VersaPulse P20H is its 20 watt power output. The green target light emanating from the device can be easily detected. In case of malfunction, case server mode is activated automatically. It is ensured that the operation can be completed without any problems. The frequency value is in the range of 15 Hz.

The Lumenis VersaPulse P20H device automatically activates the case recording feature of up to 10 operations at a time. Being compatible with fiber systems activates the smart recognition feature in today's technology. It can be easily used in the treatment of stones or tumor surgeries in the ureteral region as disposable or reusable. It is used in the treatment of benign prostate treatment, which is included in the group of urological surgeries, and in the treatment of stenosis in the urinary canal. Its low voltage does not hinder its high and versatile functionality. Its compact and versatile design provides high efficiency in soft tissue and stone treatment. You can provide the purchase service of Lumenis VersaPulse P20H device, which provides high efficiency in urology and kidney stone breaking surgeries, by Akyol medical company located in Ankara province.