Lumenis Pulse 50H

Lumenis Pulse 50H device is preferred in order to reduce the risk in ureteral treatments. It is used not only in the field of urology, but also in general complications of surgical fields, gynecological diseases, arthroscopy and ENT treatments. Its mechanism, adapted with advanced technology, also supports achieving a high level of successful efficiency in the treatment of multiple cases in the clinical process. Thanks to its high level of perception in the treatment of gastroenterology diseases, it provides the most accurate efficiency.
Thanks to high frequency settings, it is possible to remove all kinds of locally formed stones from the region without damaging the soft tissue. Lumenis Pulse 50H device, which offers high efficiency in general surgery operations, can be purchased by contacting Akyol medical company in Ankara.

The energy repetition rate of the device per pulse is between 3.5J and 25Hz frequency. This gap makes it easy to break even very hard stones quickly. The biggest functionality of the device is that it can be used in closed surgical systems and prevents open wounds and bleeding. Thanks to the double pedal system, it can work easily in 2 different modes. It provides the performance that keeps up with the advanced technology to be used in hands-free mode or standby mode.
The feature of the Lumenis Pulse 50H device can be easily used for the treatment of soft tissue area designed at medium power and for the removal of regional stones in the treatment of lithotripsy. The device, which has an average power level of 50 watts, has improved energy intake per pulse, repeating speed, speed and wavelength. With the shot rhythm obtained from the laser source, it becomes possible to break the stone in the region into small pieces in a short time.