The Holmium Laser device is an advanced design of high quality in accordance with today's standards used in the field of urology. It occurs in different models up to 100 Watts. It contains a special laser system that is universally evaluated around the world. Holmium laser product sales or rental service offered by Akyol medical company is delivered to you in a short time. The device has a specially adjustable laser pulse duration. This feature ensures that the stone is dusted, broken into pieces, and transferred out of the body in a controlled manner during the ureteral treatment. All this can be done painlessly and painlessly with the speed of Holmium preference.

Holmium laser device is used in endoscopic surgical operations. In the field of urology, it is used in endoscopic stone breaking surgery, tumor or prostate enlargement surgical treatment. In this whole process, those who want to reach the physical examination equipment can benefit from the rental service of the device. It breaks new ground in its field with its powerful technology that will provide comfort during use and adapt to new life in a short time. You can benefit as soon as possible with the Holmium laser device support we offer in Ankara.

Holmium laser device is a surgical technique used in prostate surgery. Its advantages are higher in today's standards. It can be used reliably. It is preferred in open surgeries. A person who has Holep surgery can stand up after 2 days at the latest. He can return to his normal active life. The Holep device is more preferred by today's standards in benign prostate enlargement surgeries.

It is a special device that includes the purification of the prostate area from the body with laser techniques with a modern and successful, flawless technology. The most important feature of the Holep device is its adjustable firing rate and variable pulse duration. Different speed settings will make it easier to adapt to the problem area.

The device stands out with its adjustable pulse duration, disposable or reusable special applicator. The fact that the Holmium laser device is on wheels makes it easy to be actively transported to any desired location. This user-friendly product has the capacity to rotate up to 270 degrees. Thanks to the colored bar graphs, the graphs on the disease can be examined. When it is matched with the fiber connection, the technological side can be brought to the fore more functionally.