Urological stone breaking equipment quickly recovers from the stone problem that occurs in the kidney and causes the patient to perform functions in his daily life more difficult. The stone formed in the kidney area is called the ureter. It can compress the area by falling into the urinary canal area, which enables the urine to be transported to the bladder via the kidney. These accumulated stones, which cause advanced pain and suffering, cause swelling. Over time, it can cause unbearable pain by preventing the excretion of urine. Even in advanced diseases, treatment techniques that will provide effect with technological devices support a more comfortable and healthy life. Thanks to Akyol medical urological stone breaking equipment, it provides painless and painless healing of kidney stone problems that may occur.

A person with kidney stone formation may initially experience mild pain, nausea or vomiting. Over time, it is noticed that there is a sign of blood in the urine of the person. As the severity increases, the pain becomes unbearable. In line with the examination made with the ultrasound device, swelling will be noticed in the kidney part. With the help of the device, the presence of the stone is clearly noticed. With ureteral stone treatment techniques, stone breaking is applied with sound waves. Laser techniques offer more advanced options. What are Akyol medical urological stone crushing equipment? Among the devices that we can count one by one on the question, ultrasonic stone crusher, pneumatic stone crusher and ESWL erection and physical therapy device are among the equipment offered for rental or purchase. When there is a need for a device guarantee, more detailed information can be obtained by contacting the company's active phone line.

Stone breaking techniques are the method that allows the kidney stone to be divided into small pieces with external sound waves and to be excreted from the body through the urinary tract. This is also called the shock wave method. One of the most efficient methods used to destroy kidney stones is the ESWL technique. Stone crushing is performed by applying external shock to the body. In this way, the person does not need to face a surgical intervention. Stones become sand. The person unconsciously throws it out through the urine. Mini shock waves do not harm the person. The ESWL technique can be applied to those with kidney stones, ureteral stones, Peyronie's disease or bladder stone disease. Depending on the intensity of the process, in about 30 minutes, the person regains health to perform his vital activities again. You can contact our company in order to access our technical devices used in Ankara region.