Rigid Urs method; It is a technical device used in the treatment of ureter. Considering its basic features, it offers the opportunity to gradually increase the diameter thickness. It enables the patient to achieve high success in the problem area during the treatment process. It offers effective solutions especially in ureteral areas and pediatric patients. It also offers a special alternative option for those who will use Holmium Laser during the treatment process. The Flexible Urs device is a device that allows the stones formed in the kidney area and bladder to be thrown out. Medium-thick stones blocking the urinary canal can be easily removed from the area. Thanks to this device, the problematic area is reached through the urinary canal through the endoscope and the necessary treatment technique is applied. Generally, laser treatment technique and in some cases pneumatic stone breaking equipment are used.

Flexible Urs device provides access to the kidney by entering the urinary tract of the patient to be treated. It is quite flexible and synthetic. Surgical intervention is applied to the area using the endoscope. In the area between the kidney and the bladder, stones up to 2 cm in the upper end and inside the kidney are removed from the area without any pouching procedure. There is a laser probe inside the endoscope, which is sent to the inner channel. In this way, the stones in the region are turned into sand by minimizing it.

Rigid Urs and Flexible Urs products offered by Akyol medical company also contain a special camera system that can be hygienically intervened in the application area. The breaking power is quite effective. It has a solid grip structure. The problematic area is anesthetized with local anesthesia or general anesthesia when necessary. The maintenance and repair of the devices are provided by the company serving in the Ankara region. It is possible to benefit from the support service. Rigid Urs device use should definitely be applied by a specialist physician in surgical operations. The fact that it is still preferred in today's technology is that the device can reach the deepest points and while providing this, it offers the opportunity to be observed with the camera. It is also important that it does not cause any damage to the region during surgical interventions.