With the medical device rental service, the treatment needs of the patient in all kinds of areas are realized quickly and easily. Akyol Medical offers you the medical device you need in the most accurate way with its qualified and well-trained staff with a certain principle in the field. During the rental phase, our team members support you in the installation and use process by bringing your device to your location. Moreover, the working principle of medical devices and the calibration order are followed at regular intervals, ensuring the most accurate and efficient service. In the rental process, our trained and experienced team members follow the usage phase of the devices delivered to your home one by one and inform the patient's relatives in the process. In order to benefit from your medical device rental service within the scope of health services, you can call us on our active phone line and send your appointment request.

We are pleased to be with you whenever you need it. Being in an accessible location supports you to benefit from your rental service whenever you need it in certain time periods. You can benefit from the medical device rental process, especially for patients who continue to be treated as bedridden and whose home care process continues. First of all, the person can contact our company and request the device he wants to rent in the Ankara region by expressing the types of the disease. After the appointment request for the most appropriate time is created, our team members who are experts in the field should receive a report from the hospital where the patient had the disease process before being discharged. With this report, medical devices can be delivered through our medical company. Certainly, in this process, a joint cooperation with the patient's physician should be maintained.

For those who are wondering how the medical device rental service to be provided through our Akyol Medikal company is done, the medical devices that will be required in the polyminium laser treatment process will be used in the treatment of kidney stones. Appointment requests can be created for medical devices or medical devices that should be used in prostate surgeries in urological practice. You can benefit from our rental service in a short time by contacting us via our contact numbers. We offer you a treatment environment in the comfort of your home by offering you the most affordable prices that will not shake your budget.