The forceps device is a device used especially during childbirth, which is used to hold tissues hygienically and practically in serious surgeries. It has a flat and clamp-shaped structure. The arm parts can be made curved when desired. According to the type of disease, more than one form of Forceps has been developed to date. It is used to prevent the child from being born in a risky way, especially in dangerous births.
Thanks to the forceps, it allows the baby to be taken out while in the womb. The doctor uses it when he deems it necessary. It ensures that the baby carries less risk in long-term births. You can contact us by calling us to learn more accurate and technical usage process by getting information about Forceps through our company.

While the pregnancy process ends with birth, the Forceps method is used when the risky situation of the expectant mother is in question. With this technique, the risks that may occur when there is a sudden difference in the baby's heart rhythm or the cord prolapse is eliminated with immediate intervention. The doctor will only use it when he deems it necessary. It is used as soon as the baby leaves the placenta, especially in cases where the birth process occurs at an earlier stage than expected. While this will protect the mother's health, it will also support the health of the baby to take less risk. Forceps device can be provided through Akyol medical company if requested. The device, which is produced in different forms according to the health status of the baby, can be purchased by the company at affordable prices. In order to get more detailed information on the subject, you can contact us via the communication line from around Ankara.