The forceps device is used in operating rooms to hold the tissues and remove them from the area in a healthy way. This technique, which has been used for centuries, continues to be applied in the treatment process by changing its form a little more today. The forceps device is used especially in problematic pregnancies so that the vital process of the child and the mother is not adversely affected. It is known for being a tool that will allow the baby to be pulled out easily during the removal of the baby from the uterus. What should be known during the use of the forceps device is to apply the application only when it is deemed necessary. It is also supported that the fetus can be easily taken out of the uterine canal and the child's health can be protected in this process. In case of problematic pregnancy, it is used to prevent an infection that may occur during childbirth and a death process that will threaten health. It is also preferred to accelerate the birth processes, which usually take a very long time. It has a clamp-shaped structure. It is ensured that both the mother and the baby can get through to the less risky process.

It also helps to eliminate the risky situation, especially in order to prevent the baby's heart rhythm from changing during delivery and to prevent sagging of the umbilical cord. The use of the Forceps device can be used together with the vacuum technique today. This is considered as an additional intervention, usually during the birth process where there is a risk of miscarriage. This device can also be used if it is detected that there is a problem in the heart rhythm of the baby during delivery. Of course, the process should be completed as prescribed by specialist physicians. It is used more when the birth process occurs early. From the moment the baby leaves the placenta, he can intervene with this device. The use of forceps device is a valid method in deliveries that require immediate intervention. However, it should be noted that it should not be applied sequentially together with the vacuum technique. Security measures must be taken.

It is a technique that is not recommended for pregnant women under 34 weeks of gestation. However, it is not recommended to be used in routine episiotomy operative delivery techniques. It is important to reduce the risk of life for both the mother and the baby during the birth process. Akyol medical company sells it to all companies and hospitals that want to technically access the forceps device used during childbirth. As soon as you contact us through our company located in Ankara, we sell products to your area in a short time.