Holmium laser device is a laser-enabled device with different pulses used in medicine to provide more effective surgical treatment. During this pulsing process, force is applied to the problem area sequentially. It is a technique used in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement. It enables the upper urinary system to be free from tumor. It can be used easily in different phases. Having advanced technology comes to the fore more with the adoption of laser technology. Holep device sales applied by Akyol medical company are presented to you with affordable price quality. In addition to purchasing, it is also possible to rent devices that can be used in operating rooms. You can contact our company to get detailed information on the subject. Today, Holmium laser surgery starts at 150,000 Euros. The device cost of the surgery may reach 50,000 Euros. It supports obtaining more effective results in order to prevent the loss of workforce and to offer a quality life standard in the patient.

It is an instrument used in general surgical procedures for benign prostate enlargement. Endoscopic technique is applied for the formation of any size of stone, mass or prostate. Thanks to the closed treatment technique, no open incision or scar formation is observed. This is the biggest benefit. Thanks to the laser technique, different degrees of electric beam are applied to the area where it is located. It is used to break stones with the watt energy it offers in urological surgeries. The duration of Holep surgery may vary depending on the type and width of the prostate in the application area. Accordingly, the operation, which takes at least an hour and a maximum of 3 hours, is successful.

For Holmium Laser device purchases, you can contact our company, which provides active service in the Ankara region. Thanks to this device, the convenience brought by technology and the patient's ability to continue his life in a healthy way becomes easier. It is possible to break the stone in the region with the sound wave method called ESWL. Stones larger than 5 millimeters can block the urinary tract. Medical intervention is important here. It supports 95% positive results in the treatments performed with the Holmium laser device, which offers superior success in stone breaking cases.