Forceps is a medical term. It is called a device for holding objects. It is a device used to create a comfortable space for the birth of the child in risky pregnancy situations. As stated in historical sources for many years, it has a feature that can be used with vacuum technique. The generality of the devices used during the surgery is to apply the right treatment for the patient in the process. The forceps device also helps to hold the tissues and prevent damage in case of severe pregnancy. It provides grasping the head of the fetus during the birth of the baby, especially during the difficult pregnancy period. It was used in England in the 7th century. From the first time it was used, it continued to be used as a practical device until today without changing its form too much. Its pincer-shaped ends prevent the baby from being harmed and allow it to be taken from the mother's womb more easily. Designed for a controlled exit from the birth canal, this practical and complicated device is used in deliveries that require intervention. Today, although medical interventions have developed, they continue to be preferred in painful birth processes. In this technique, which can be used with vacuum applications, the use of forceps is more prominent. The reason for this is that the complication process used in vacuum applications is completed in the form of pulling the baby with a bell and vacuum device placed in the head area. But here, the health of both mother and baby can be at risk. Forceps are more preferred in pregnancies that require intervention in order to prevent trauma in the baby.

Purchasing the Forceps device, which is used as a necessity in medical interventions, can be completed through negotiations with Akyol medical company. This device, which the doctor receives support for help when he deems it necessary, is sold to clinics, hospitals and private examinations. At the initial stage, it had a flat, clamp-like structure. Added curvature on sleeves over time. This was a necessary move to make it easier to grasp. The ends took on a more spoon-like form. It then took its new form in the form of a pelvis-like cavity. Forceps mothers, who have been developing over time since the 17th century but have not completely lost their old form, create a special systematic used for the baby to come out of dangerous births intact.

It is found in different species. Biopsy Forceps are used to design the catheter system formed in the stomach and colon regions. The tool has different heads. It can be changed shape with different disposable and multi-use tip structures. When the forcecept device is used, the births that are thought to take a long time are completed in a shorter time without any problems. The important thing here is to eliminate the heartbeat of the baby and the irregularity in the heartbeat. A baby hanging from the umbilical cord can pose a risk. It is only possible to prevent this with this device. It is also preferred so that the baby separated from the placenta during preterm birth can be born in a more comfortable and comfortable environment. You can contact us in order to benefit from our company located in the Ankara region in accordance with the affordable sales policy and to purchase a sterile and hygienic instrument.