The plasma kinetic treatment technique, which is frequently used in urology surgeries in accordance with today's technology, makes the endoscopy process easier and trouble-free, unlike conventional surgeries. This technique, which is used in closed surgery systems and comes to the fore especially in prostate surgeries, reduces the formation of pain and pain and enables the problematic part in the region to be cleaned. The surgical process, initiated under the supervision of a specialist doctor, supports the ability to perform the procedure in a short time without causing any problems during the operation, regardless of whether the tissue removed from the area is benign or malignant. Akyol Medikal is among the medical companies that offer plasma kinetics product sales or rental services. All kinds of maintenance and repair services that may occur within the scope of product rental service are carried out by team members working in our company who have experience in this field.

Thanks to the general anesthesia technique applied in prostate surgeries using a plasma kinetic product, it ensures that the harmful tissue formed in the region can be purified in a short time. In the treatment process, the process is started with a camera light system and a wire ring. Thanks to the techniques used after the operation process is completed, it enables the patient to adapt to life in a short time. Each tissue sample taken from the body is sent to pathology and examined. It provides effective results in prostate complaints, which are commonly seen in male patients after the age of 45. Benign prostate formation, called BPH, has an effect that seriously reduces the quality of life of the individual.

Frequent and nocturnal urination problems are among the common prostate complaints. If benign/malignant tissue is detected in the area when the appointment is made, plasma kinetic surgery, which is used in today's prostate treatment, is recommended. This technique, which is applied surgically as a closed operation, is performed painlessly and painlessly. The patient can quickly adapt to his standard life. Since the incision is not made compared to other methods, it is high that the patient can stand up more quickly. The risk of bleeding is less than other methods. Our company, which actively sells medical products in the Ankara region, offers new and second-hand plasma kinetic product sales or rental services. You can contact us for affordable product shopping.