The term rigid includes systems used in ureteral treatments. The Rigid Ureteroscope technique is an operation that will support the removal of stone formation in the region by breaking the stone formed in the kidney area. It is performed as a closed operation. By passing the patient's urine hole with the help of this tool, the kidney stone is removed from the area in a short time without any problems. Since the incision technique is not used, there is no visible open wound area on the body. “Urs” literally means ureteroscopy. It includes all kinds of techniques used for the treatment of a small or medium-sized kidney stone in the urinary tract. This operation, which takes a short time, is applied to the patient using the anesthesia technique. Akyol Medikal company rents or supports the purchase of rigid urs products, which can be used to remove kidney stones from the area in the treatment of ureter.

The advantage of Rigid Urs enables the removal of medium or small and large stones stuck in the urinary canal between the kidney and the bladder. The area is reached using the endoscope method. The fracture stage is provided with laser technique and cleaned from the area. You can contact us by using the communication line in order to have price information for the product regarding the supply of Rijit Urs devices and to benefit from spare parts service when necessary. Rigid urs surgery can take up to 20 minutes. In extreme cases, it can take up to an hour due to the size of the stone. After the patient overcomes the treatment method, he can adapt to his daily life very quickly so that he can do the activities in his physical life.

This device, which has been made more functional and useful with today's techniques, offers the opportunity to observe the stone formation in the region thanks to its special camera system. By providing access to the deepest point, it cleans the stone formation in a short time that misses the comfort of daily life and causes obstruction in the urinary canal. In this procedure, the patient will feel more comfortable. We also offer maintenance and repair services after the sales process of the device that you can use in ureter surgeries to be performed in hospitals or private clinics. You can reach us from Ankara Region and surrounding districts and start the process of purchasing or renting products.