Lumenis Pulse 120H

Lumenis Pulse 120H Holmium laser device measures the energy with an accurate pulse and provides advanced technology in treatments with efficient pulse count. The patented device has a protective impact system. This technology, which is especially used in benign prostate treatments, offers a reflection of improved technology, unlike conventional holmium laser devices. The device used in prostate treatment provides faster and better efficiency. After the surgery applied with closed treatment techniques, the person can return to his old life in a short time. The usage area of the device is mostly used in benign prostate surgeries and ureter treatment to prevent kidney stone formation. The sale of the Lumenis Pulse 120H device is carried out by Akyol medical company, which actively offers its services in Ankara.

Thanks to the patent it holds, the examination data it reveals, unlike conventional holmium laser devices, further shortens the treatment time and increases efficiency. Compared to the holmium device, it provides a 50% reduction in retropulsion. It further reduces the potential presence of the ureteral stone formed in the kidney and prevents the formation of future stones. When the graphs obtained were examined, it was seen that it facilitated faster and more successful results in the treatment process. The feature of the Lumenis Pulse 120H device is that the stone in the region is broken down faster due to the number of breakthroughs. After the application, the catheter can be removed on the same day. It has been proven to be 90% successful. The laser source device, which has an average of 120 volts holmium power, offers special wavelength detection, measuring a certain distance at repetition rate, energy circulation per pulse and moses technology.