They are devices that make the medicine you put in the nebulizer gas and allow it to be taken through the respiratory tract. It is frequently used especially by patients with lung disease and respiratory tract disease. There are many products in this field. Life Net medical compressor nebulizer is one of the best selling products in this field. Life Net is a brand known for always offering the best products at the best price. Nebulizers also attract a lot of attention at this point and are very preferred in the market. Our company Akyol Medikal offers you the products of the Life Net brand in Ankara.

Life Net Medical Compressor Nebulizer Features
Life Net medical nebulizer with compressor draws attention with the price it offers against its features. The product is one of the products called price / performance. Product;
• The medicine capacity of the product can take your medicines between 2 and 6 ml. In addition, the drug reservoir is 10 ml.
• The CC flow range of the product is 6 / 8 ipm.
• A spare filter comes out of the product. There are 5 spare filters in the box of the product.
• The product draws attention with its small structure. The exact dimensions of the product are 170.5 x 148 x 86mm. It is one of the best products in its class with its product dimensions.
The product always stands out with its features and price. Our company Akyol Medikal also produces an answer to this need of you and provides this product to you in our city of Ankara.

Life Net Medical Compressor Nebulizer Price
Life Net medical compressor nebulizer price is also one of the most frequently researched topics. Especially the patients who will buy this device in their homes are searching the prices very tightly. Prices may differ. It is not possible for us to give you a fixed price for the products. At this point, you should definitely contact our company for the most accurate price information. Our company will both give you detailed information about the product and offer a price offer.
Our company sells not only retail but also wholesale. At this point, if you are going to make a purchase in bulk, you should inform our personnel about this. In this way, special prices for your bulk purchase will be offered to you.