Holmium laser therapy is an effective treatment method used in urology surgeries in today's standards. It enables to perform surgical procedures for benign prostate growths called BPH. You can benefit from the purchase or rental service of the device to be used for Holmium laser treatment procedures, which will be applied in private hospitals, clinics or public hospitals, with the difference of Akyol medical company. The Holep system offers a method that is compatible with the most preferred technology in ureter surgeries in today's treatment techniques.

In the treatments to be performed using the holmium laser device, examinations for benign or malignant prostate growths are performed, the problems of the region are cleared from the tissue, and the cyst or tumor that may occur in the ureter can be noticed and cleaned from the region. Holmium laser surgery is a surgical treatment used as a closed surgery method. It ensures that the mass, which is growing gradually, will begin to damage both the region and the organs in the nearby region, leaving the region.

It offers the most effective treatment for prostate enlargement, the formation of which is noticed in advanced ages. It is preferred as a definitive solution to complaints that increase with age. You can contact us for the supply of Holmium laser devices to be used in ureter surgeries performed by specialist doctors in private hospitals, public hospitals or clinics. Our company offers its service in an discoverable area that can be accessed from the province of Ankara and the surrounding districts. The Holep technique is more preferred because it offers the most effective and state-of-the-art treatment in closed surgical systems.

The main reason why the Holep technique is also preferred by doctors is that it conforms to all conditions while applying the method. The fact that it can be applied easily regardless of the size of the damaged tissue, and that the stone in the region can be broken with the laser technique is among the reasons why it is considered advantageous. In these techniques applied for the urinary canal, if stenosis formation is noticed in the region, it also allows it to be expanded during the surgery. Since the bleeding risk is low, the Holep technique is a technique recommended and can be used safely for those with cardiovascular disease, those who use blood thinners because they have vascular occlusion problems, and those who have undergone bypass surgery.