Techniques used in ureteral treatment today are supported by technological developments and offer a healthier and solution-oriented system. Holmium Laser treatment, which is popularly known as Holep, which will enable to create an effective treatment technique in benign prostate enlargement, prevents the cancerous tissue formed in the region from moving to an upper circuit by intervening more quickly. It is an advanced technology system that will ensure that any benign or malignant tissue encountered in upper product systems can be purified from the area. Akyol medical company offers Holmium laser device product rental service within the scope of a facilitating service for physicians with expertise in this field.

The Holmium Laser device, equipped with a special technology, allows to intervene in the region with pulsed laser technology at different pulses. Wavelength speed and pulse number of each device can be different. Thanks to the rental service offered by our company, a more economical and practical method is offered for patients whose treatment process will be completed within a few hours to regain their health. The use of Holmium Laser device provides the opportunity to reach a wavelength of 100 Watt in ureteral treatments. The pulse duration can be adjusted later. Thanks to its wheeled structure, it allows it to move more comfortably on flat surfaces or uneven areas. There is a special graphics area to parse and read laser parameters. The console section in the control area has the capacity to rotate up to 270 degrees. Access can be provided with fiber support systems and connection points. It has a multi-use or disposable laser applicator.

Prostate surgeries can take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the size of the tissue in the area. Today, Holep is preferred as a reliable option when the most accurate and effective method is sought. It is used for a different purpose in each surgery, depending on the intervention to be made on the problematic area. It is preferred in kidney stone surgeries when it is preferred at low cycles. When a higher power is desired, it is preferred in prostate surgeries by increasing the degree of wavelength. It is possible for those who want to benefit from the Holmium Laser device purchase or rental service at affordable prices in a short time, and start the process by contacting the Ankara region and surrounding districts. After the product rental service is performed, the maintenance and repair of each part that has a guarantee is carried out by our company. When deemed necessary, spare parts of the device are provided.