Blast Shield is a shield area that minimizes the risks that may occur in chemical experiments evaluated in the category of safety materials. Considering the risk factor in chemical experiments, it creates an additional protection area. It is used to provide protection in case of overpressure and to minimize the risk of explosion.

Blast Shield, which can also be translated into Turkish as a protective shield, can be easily used in processes such as fine workmanship, flame work or sensitive glass making, which may cause harm when in contact with the body, especially while working in the production sector. We provide quality and affordable Blast Shield sales that you can buy through Akyol medical company. By contacting us through our contact numbers, you can order the number and model of protection shield you request.

Blast Shield provides reliable performance without the need to spend additional time considering the construction area. It is quite efficient. The portability of the tool supports that it can be carried anywhere with ease. Since it offers a protected structure during application, it also prevents possible dangers. It is often preferred because it prevents external damage. The important thing in product sales is to create an order easily and to experience convenience in the transportation process. We are pleased to offer you Blast Shield and similar safety equipment with different features at the right time and at affordable prices by Akyol medical company.

Blast Shield material can be used easily in fiery and explosive works that do not provide a reliable working area that will endanger human health. It is used in different business areas such as marble making stage, turning work, bead making process, soft glass making stage, torch lamp and flame work. It offers great protection against sudden explosion and ignition.