AcuPulse Duo Laser

AcuPulse Duo laser technology is a device with free beam energy distribution integrated with fiber systems. Technically, there are two different portables, with and without a scanner. By using laser technology for the existing tissue area in a controlled way, the most accurate power is delivered to the area to be applied in a short time. If coagulation is expected in the process, a continuous and constant energy light is released. The high impact system makes surgical operations more efficient in this new technology.
In this model, in which the quality of the fiber is felt, it provides the principle of additional thinness, even in very difficult surgical tissue operations, and ensures that the treatment process can be terminated with minimum thermal necrosis. The versatile design makes it easy and safe to access even hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to the laser fiber option, sensitive treatment options can be applied easily.

The AcuPulse Duo device feature enables it to work without coal with its continuous and constant beam principle. Medium power pulse variability provides super pulse control with constant frequency rate. It provides higher efficiency in surgical operations. The precision offered by laser technology is also felt with this device. The stretching share ensures that the most suitable new area is opened for the patient and the treatment is completed while the tissue is preserved in a healthy way. When the continuous wavelength laser mode is activated, tissue management can be achieved easily thanks to the appropriate pulse system. For AcuPulse Duo device purchases, Akyol medical company, which operates in Ankara, can be contacted.