Working Element is a device frequently used in urology surgeries. It supports the ability to treat the prostate locally with a more practical and healthy technique. The electric current does not come into contact with the patient's body. The current circulates inside the device itself. The biggest advantage is that it is more effective. It allows the person to recover faster. This reduces bedtime. It offers a more effective cutting power. It prevents any damage and damage during the surgery process. It offers a more innovative and technological service in terms of design.

Working Element is connected to the laser machine and applied to the patient with its working principle. The device guarantee service offered through our Akyol Medikal company can be used in every field. The process takes place faster and with higher quality. You can get information about the product by contacting our company via the active communication line. You can start the rental or purchase process. Our team of experts, who have spent years in this business, provide service for maintenance and repair operations after the rental or purchase process, when deemed necessary. Our understanding of perfect service has proven itself in every field with the devoted work of our company team.

Working Element offers a different experience than conventional instruments used in urology diseases. The identified problem area can be reached in a faster time and can be intervened professionally. Thanks to its stainless steel structure, it offers a long-lasting use. From the outside, its metallic structure supports the device to be more durable. A faster and more efficient result can be obtained with additional apparatus during use. It is frequently used in urology treatments in hospitals recently. You can call us for device purchases and have general information. You can benefit from our medical device rental service in the Ankara region at affordable prices.