The plasma kinetic device supports stopping the prostate growth in the body with the endoscopic method. It offers a more up-to-date innovative technique, especially against prostate problems that can be seen in advancing ages. With the on-site treatment technique, the device offers a bipolar structure. In this way, the electric current is not felt by the patient. The electric current passing through both ends of the device is completely presented with the device in this system. This system, which is applied to patients, is a more advanced version of the classical Tur-p technique. The plasma kinetic device, which is offered for rent or purchase through Akyol Medikal company, can be examined in site categories with 2 different models. The first model is Alfa Plus 800 plasma kinetic. The other model is Alfa Plus 600 plasma kinetic.

Applications for the problem area are more suitable for today's technology. No direct energy flow is given to the patient. When the process is completed, physiological serum is supplemented as a washing plaster. The instrument, which has a bipolar system, can be obtained at more affordable prices than the classical method.
By calling Akyol medical company, you can benefit from the medical device service you need in a short time. Expert team members make the process faster and easier with accurate and on-site determinations by contacting you. An appointment request in Ankara can be created for devices that are sold at more affordable prices than the market.

Plasma Kinetic prices, which are frequently used in today's treatment techniques, can be rented or purchased through our company at more affordable prices. The devices support starting a more beneficial process than conventional techniques. First, it will reduce the risk of bleeding and reduce certain complications. It reduces the cost by shortening the time of the local treatment technique. It offers a more accurate and efficient cutting process.
With the technique used, liquid poisoning that may occur in any way is prevented since the liquid is applied with the physiological saline technique. The great advantage of using this technique, in particular, is that it supports obtaining healthier and more reliable results for those with severe heart disease and those with a pacemaker. The device, which is used with the help of the camera, accelerates the treatment process for the problem area without making an incision on the skin. When requested, the process is completed with general or local anesthesia technique.