Akyol Medical is among the few companies that offer second-hand medical services. It is possible to reduce the costs in critical surgical processes and to make the surgical process more convenient with a more practical and easy approach. Plasma kinetic obstetrics device offered for sale by our company is offered to your service by performing all maintenance and repair steps. Akyol medical company offers a suitable environment for the supply of second-hand medical or new products, apart from the repair, maintenance and repair of medical devices. Our organization always offers an affordable price range for second-hand device service to all companies, clinics and hospitals.
Products that are 100% original are passed through certain stages and maintenance and repair processes are completed. It is always ready-to-use technology compatible and 1st quality.
It can be easily displayed when a special invoice is requested for the products. We are the right solution for those who are concerned about purchasing second-hand medical device products and want to take advantage of the current technology.

It is possible that a device that has been used and purchased in general wears out over time and causes high costs due to continuous malfunctions. All maintenance and repair processes of your technical device, which has started to wear out due to long-term use, are provided by our company during the purchasing process of the second-hand medical device. Among the benefits of our company, which actively offers its services in the Ankara region, is the use of the device at affordable prices. In this whole process, it is sufficient to contact us using our communication line in order to benefit from the medical device rental service.

Problems may occur at certain intervals with the device, which is started to be used in operating rooms. During the product rental process, our technical staff always supports you whenever you have difficulties. Every second-hand device that will be used in the health sector is regularly maintained and undergoes a special process so that it can be used under hygienic conditions. In the treatment process, we attach importance to the convenience of using all kinds of devices to be provided in the health service, where the individual health of the patient is at the forefront. By valuing patient health, we continue to offer our convenient and accessible service in the health sector, just a phone call away.