Holmium laser is a special and technical device used for prostate surgeries. It ensures that the prostate tissue formed in the bladder area in the body is broken down and thrown out. In this whole process, the specially produced device does not cause open wounds in the body in order to offer a solution with an effective technique. The patient does not need to go through a surgical medical operation process. This prevents tissue damage that will exist in the body for many years. Holmium laser device sold by Akyol medical company promises a more economical and effective treatment process. During the operation, which will be carried out in line with a specialist and surgical intervention, devices are sold to companies and hospitals.

Our company also offers the opportunity of maintenance, repair and modification during the device sales process. Holmium laser device sales are offered with on-site replacement applications or spare parts service when deemed necessary. The Holmium laser device, which has become an indispensable part of urology surgeries, can be used easily in endoscopic surgical applications. Laser technique is used not only in prostate surgeries but also as stone breaking equipment. It is offered to all patients surgically in the attempt of benign prostate enlargement that may occur in any part of the body. Regardless of the size of the diseased area to be operated on here, the result can be obtained clearly and perfectly. It takes its place among the closed treatment techniques.

It is a treatment technique that is effectively used in urology surgeries, in the breaking of kidney stones, in prostate surgery and in the removal of regional tumor formation. The purchase of the Holmium laser device, all services regarding the maintenance and repair process are carried out by our company, which operates actively in the Ankara region. As soon as you contact our company, your appointment record is created that will allow you to access the device. In order for this type of technological equipment to be used for many years, regular maintenance is required. After the purchase is completed, our expert staff offers additional services for technical adjustment of the device and regular maintenance. When deemed necessary, spare parts service for the device is also included within the scope of the service offered by our company.