Medical device rental service is preferred as a more advanced and alternative option in today's industry. Renting the product instead of buying it makes it possible to achieve the same performance with less cost. It creates an important opportunity for patients who continue their treatment process as bedridden within the scope of home care service. Those with chronic illnesses, bedridden patients who cannot carry out their activities on their own, and those who continue to be treated at home after the surgery can benefit from the medical device rental service. Medical device sales and rental services offered by Akyol medical company can be used at any time.

Among the most preferred medical devices, the rental activity and the short-term demand device consist of technical devices used in cases where oxygen support is required in chronic diseases. Especially those who have shortness of breath problems can request medical device rental service in the comfort of their home by our company, which offers its service in Ankara. You can rent the device, which is included in the scope of our medical company's product services, from the purchase or rental service, which facilitates the diagnosis and treatment process, at daily, weekly, monthly, annual intervals according to demand. You can obtain the most suitable device for the treatment process in a short time, in line with the planning in accordance with the budget that is always available.

Medical device purchasing service may become more costly in case of problems in maintenance and repair over time. The purchased medical device may not keep up with the technology over time and may become dysfunctional. In order to prevent all these negative situations, medical device rental service is considered as a more alternative option today. We provide medical device rental service that will support you during the hourly or weekly surgery process at any time you need, with calibration support, spare parts service, maintenance and repair support after rental service. Our expert staff presents you the most suitable controlled medical device rental stages for corporate business planning in this field. You can reach us using our communication line, and you can send your requests by contacting our film employees in a short time.