Akyol medical company is a company that has proven its existence in this sector, providing medical device sales, second-hand new product device supply, medical device rental sales and spare parts services. Each medical product traded within our company is delivered to you at the right time and in the easiest way under the name of health services category. By playing a more active role than purchasing service, we also offer the opportunity to rent in accordance with today's standards. Within the scope of the valuable medical support service we offer in the Ankara region, we demonstrate our quality to our customers with the most accurate and experienced staff.

Within the scope of Akyol medical and health services, we provide you with the right choice for medical products, consumables sales and rental services, inspection systems, supply service, anesthesia and device maintenance services, and repair and modification of medical devices. You can benefit from medical consumables and health services at affordable prices in our company. In addition to the product purchase service, we provide the medical device rental service at the right time and with the most accurate conditions. Each medical equipment special caliber option you will rent through our company will be a problem for you with the maintenance and repair of the device and technical service support.

Our products, which are offered sales and rental services within the scope of Akyol medical company, are working elements, rigid and flexible urs, holmium laser, forceps types, optical lenses, urological stone crushing equipment and plasma kinetic products. We convey our experience to you with an experienced staff in the activity we have been offering in the medical sector for more than 11 years. We provide sales and rental services of all kinds of medical consumables. In this process, our staff supports you at all times. We also offer professional calibration or spare parts service after the product is supplied. After procuring your second-hand device, we offer you the product support of Suna, the most appropriate medical examination service for our portfolio, at a lower cost.